Spotlight on Business - Hidden Treasure Inn

Nancy said it herself..."It *is* a genuine Hidden Treasure"...our word of mouth advertising has done most of the work for us in the 14 years we have been serving the great Kure Beach travelers and
local guests. In the beginning, we could not afford a lot of advertising but I did go to the tourism brochures and once they came, they kept coming back.

Some for pleasure and relaxation, honeymoons and even business regulars. Hidden Treasure specializes in individual attention to detail and good 'ole southern hospitality. Though raised as one of
those "Northerners" it did not take long for Nancy to fall in love with the idea of being an Inn-keeper and her natural effervescent personality was a great match to being a truly great host.

Tucked into the local terrain it would be easy to miss which is precisely its charm. It does not need to SHOUT at you, it simply becomes you when you are the guest. Always immaculately clean there are homey touches in every suite; each one a little different from the other, just like its guests! Close enough to fall into the pool out the front door or take a leisurely stroll down toward the famous Kure Beach Pier, snagging an ice cream or fresh daily shrimp, it is never overrun with crowds and the village is very easy to navigate to get to all the local attractions: T-Shirt shops if you must but there are also ferry cruises to nearby islands and the best moons hung in the night sky that you have ever seen. Especially nice in off-season, where only the gulls will read over your shoulders.

As you loll in a beach chair, butt dragging the sand and feel the sun warm the side of your face and whip your jacket like a flag on a tall mast you will be sad to go but you will know for sure that you came as a guest, and left as a friend.

submitted to the Pleasure Island Chamber Newsletter by Nancy Salerno, Owner

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