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Sandra Varney & Spencer Dail
Advertising for real estate has evolved well beyond a sign in the yard and a spot on a few high traffic websites. Most top agents today use some pretty high tech, hyper local marketing tools to connect with home buyers and sellers. "Consumers today are multi-media multi-taskers. They use offline, online and mobile - sometimes all at once," says Sandra Varney, co-owner of newly launched Real Estate Book of Wilmington. "We've really embraced that integration to make the experience for the consumer rewarding and the value to our advertisers high."

Varney and partner, Spencer Dail, recently published their first local edition of the top real estate brand. The Real Estate Book provides local advertising in over 300 markets across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean through a network of independent distributors who own the rights to each local market.
"The product suite we have to offer agents to reach local home buyers and sellers is really robust," Dail added. "We'll distribute 12,000 copies of the Greater Wilmington & Beaches edition in over 400 locations in the area every 4 weeks so we are really saturating the market. And the magazine is highly interactive. From the printed page, text codes and mobile apps move the consumer seamlessly from print to web and mobile so they can easily find local real estate in whatever manner they choose."

While just getting started in Wilmington, Varney has plenty of experience, working for 8 years in the metro Charlotte area and Horry and Brunswick Counties for another Real Estate Book distributor. "We looked around at available markets to launch our own Real Estate Book and Wilmington was definitely the best choice." The premier issue of the magazine launched in May and has since grown to over 20 advertisers in a very short time. "The real estate community has really embraced us and the brand and we're looking forward to continuing to build those relationships and to serve local home buyers and sellers in the future."

Beyond Real Estate Book branded advertising, Varney and Dail also offer agents personally-branded web, mobile and text codes. "Many real estate marketing companies out there these days are really good at marketing themselves," Varney said. "We want to be really good at marketing the agent. Our pack-ages are inclusive, so these services are not add-ons, but a fully integrated package. Everything works together so it's easy and extremely cost-effective as well."

For more information, text SANDRAVARNEY to 85377 or text Spencer to 85377 or call 704.351.1841 or 919.922.1246 or email TREBWilmington@gmail.com
Sandra D. Varney, Publisher of The Real Estate Book Wilmington, NC

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