Halloween Safety Tricks & Treats

The Ghost & Goblin's Safety Guide

Halloween is a spooktacular treat for minions, mummies and Frankenstein fathers alike. Keep your wolf pack safe on Halloween night by following these easy tips:

  • Feed your kids a healthy meal before trick or treating so they won't be as tempted to eat their candy before you can check it.
  • Avoid going into the home of people you don't know or accepting homemade goods from strangers.
  • Drive slowly on Halloween as foot traffic will be increased.
  • Add glow sticks to your child's costume or provide them with a festive flashlight. 
  • Favor the flame retardant costumes when shopping with your little pumpkin.
  • If you have a party, be sure to keep your animals in a safe place so they don't end up getting lost; there is sure to be lots of in-and-out traffic at your front door.
  • Keep your child's superman cape away form luminaries!
  • Make sure your child can see clearly through their mask!
  • No matter how much they beg, remember that chocolate is toxic to animals!
  • As a healthier option, consider handing out pretzels, pencils or spider rings instead of candy.
  • Always check to make sure your child's candy is sealed and that the wrapper has not been tampered with. 
Happy Halloween!

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