Moving to Carolina Beach or Kure Beach? Here's what you need to know

Want to experience that laid-back beach attitude on a permanent basis?  Our community has grown by nearly 30% since the millennium. There is a reason for that. Visitors come to our beautiful beachfront towns for a summer getaway, and then get bitten by that magical beach bug.

Who wouldn't want to watch sunsets and sunrises over the beautiful coastal waters of Eastern North Carolina every day? Or take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic anytime you want? Or stroll the boardwalk at Carolina Beach every weekend? Or visit the amazing restaurants, art galleries, and cultural amenities the Pleasure Island communities have to offer?  Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are not only great places to visit and vacation, but they are wonderful places to live, work, or retire.

Options for Everyone

No matter your situation, the Pleasure Island communities of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach have a real estate option for you.  If you are interested in a condominium or duplex to satisfy that second home dream or a family get-away, there are options abound, beachfront or inland. If you're looking for a coastal bungalow to enjoy your retirement, out of the fray from the summer visitors, there's that option too.

If you want a family-friendly neighborhood that's convenient to the beaches but away from the main city centers, we have quiet, tucked away spots perfect for private backyard barbecues and daily family life.  If you are looking for a beachfront, multi-level house to retire in, just steps from the water, there is no better location. Boating communities are especially popular in our areas as well.

Find Your Paradise

The area is home to rivers, waterways, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean, offering the perfect conditions, and home sites, for water enthusiasts. And there is something for most budgets. You can expect to pay from the mid-100s and up for a condo, to the low millions for beachfront property.

No matter your taste, budget, or lifestyle needs, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach can accommodate them. Our Pleasure Island Communities can satisfy the permanent vacation in all of us.

Visit these Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce Real Estate members to help you find the perfect real estate solution for you. 

Sharon Lyons and Associates 

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