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Dennis Setterfield is a person who has more or less touched the lives of nearly everyone around town. Although you may not know it, Setterfield is one of the most popular designers of restaurants and pubs in the area and is also a stage and film set designer. Jack Mackerels, Tangerine Caribbean Grille, the upstairs addition to Island Tackle, The Lazy Parrot, Front Street Brewery, the Rhinocerous Club and both Fat Tony’s are a few of his local projects. Setterfield Design began business in 1973 when Dennis, the owner, and only employee, had a vision to share the wealth of his experience and expertise in the food and beverage business. Setterfield was the youngest country club manager east of the Rockies at the tender age of 23, and had over 200 employees.

Nationally recognized for his unique design work, Setterfield is a former board member of Restaurant Design Magazine and has had many of his projects ranked among the top 100 grossing bars and restaurants in the United States.

Dennis’s company is one of the leading builders of quality front and back bars, unique wall d├ęcor, and one-of-a-kind specialty items and props.

Evolving from a one man operation into a leader in restaurant and bar design, with a staff of talented individuals, highly skilled craftsmen, artists, welders, and cabinet makers, combine their efforts on each project to make certain that Setterfield Designs rigorous quality and standards are met and clients expectations are exceeded.

Setterfield’s resume includes a long sting as the set designer for the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater in Jupiter, Florida, and the designer of the Church Street Station complex in Orlando, Florida.

Setterfield Design can be reached at 910-799-4084, 910-619-8048, or online at www.SetterfieldDesign.com.

Submitted to the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce Newsletter by Dennis Setterfield.

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