Carolina Beach Aquarium Pier Proposal

The Greater Wilmington Business Journal reports that Carolina Beach Town Manager Tim Owens went before the New Hanover County Commissioners yesterday with a proposal to partner with Carolina Beach and the North Carolina Aquarium to build the new Aquarium Pier.

Owens requested $1.4 million from New Hanover County.  The total cost from Carolina Beach is estimated at $4 million. This money would be used "to establish beach access, a bathhouse with shower and dressing facilities, flexible park space for outdoor events, connectivity with the boardwalk and an improved marina for recreational boating and canoe access points."  The Town of Carolina Beach already purchased 2 acres of land they are reserving for the Pier.

The North Carolina Aquarium would be responsible for building the Pier.  The cost of this construction is approximately $15 million and will be funded with gate receipts.

The Aquarium Pier would be an educational project associated with the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Owens was hoping that the New Hanover County funding would come from the $35 million parks bond but the county’s Parks and Gardens Director, Jim McDaniel, said that they had committed most of the parks bond money to a park in Castle Hayne that has previously been under-served.  This was their priority.

The New Hanover County Commissioners did not vote on the Aquarium Pier proposal but said they may bring it up at a later date.  Meanwhile, Owens will be looking into alternative grant opportunities.

Please read the full article from the Greater Wilmington Business Journal here:
Carolina Beach makes pitch for help with aquarium pier.

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