Carolina Beach Farmers Market Coming In April

The Carolina Beach Farmer's Market will open at the Carolina Beach Lake on April 24th and run Saturdays through October 9th.

This will be your opportunity to:
  • obtain the freshest, most flavorful and nutritious produce possible, 
  • have an opportunity to talk to the people who grow your food, 
  • increase local employment while helping to keep money in the community, 
  • reduce consumption of fossil fuels and the resulting pollution from transportation, 
  • AND help to create and improve sustainable regional economics. 
The Carolina Beach Farmers Market Committee is in the early stages of getting this set up and are talking with not only farmers, but nurseries, home canners, bakeries, soap makers, artists and musicians to offer all a location at the Market.

Please tell everyone you know who has home grown or handmade wares about this opportunity and ask them to call Janet Knott, 910-431-8122 for more information.

So bring your neighbors and gather at the Carolina Beach Lake on Saturday mornings for a good time that will also support our local businesses!

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