Freeman Park (North End of Carolina Beach) Season Pass Rate Changes

Photo by Alicia Devereaux
The Town of Carolina Beach recently implemented a rate change for a Freeman Park season pass.  Beginning on May 15, 2010, the cost of a 2010 Freeman Park Season pass will rise from $60 to $100.  In addition, a tiered fee structure was implemented for season passes whereby a season pass would cost patrons $60 for the 2011 season pass up until March 31st.  The season pass would rise to $100 if purchased after March 31st.  The cost of a Freeman Park daily pass will remain at $20.

The Town of Carolina Beach will also implement a new entrance plan during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  During peak entrance hours, the Town will allow for two lanes of traffic to enter into the park.  Patrons wishing to leave the park will only be able to do so for limited timeframes during the peak entrance hours.  The Town will also have a wrecker on hand to assist with removing vehicles that get stuck within or near the entrance.  The purpose of these changes is to get patrons into the park quicker and to help clear backed up traffic on Canal Drive.  If the plan is successful at easing traffic congestion, the Town will continue to implement the plan on busy holiday weekends.

Information provided by the Town of Carolina Beach. For more information call 910-458-2996.

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Sharon Johnson said...

I am going to be nice about this but Freeman park aka, North End, needs some new potties. Those things are gross, rotten floors, never any toilet paper and with the thousands out there daily on the weekends those things need to be cleaned daily!! With all the money they get for passes it seems like its time to splurge on some new port-a-potties! and some ANTI BACTERIAL HAND GEL wouldnt be a bad idea either.
Thank you!


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