Spotlight on Business: LAI INSURANCE AGENCY

LAI INSURANCE AGENCY is a full service independent insurance agency serving Southeastern North Carolina. LAI provides a full slate of Life and Health products, including the best annuities available today. LAI also handles the best property and casualty products for businesses and individuals.

Their Agent, Scott Betz, with his wife, Dawn, moved to Carolina Beach in 2000. Scott started an  independent insurance agency in 2004 serving homeowners and small businesses in Southeastern North Carolina. In 2008, Scott having built an agency that specialized in homeowners insurance joined his agency with LAI Insurance Agency.

Scott said: "Joining LAI allowed me access to more Insurance Companies and their products and this in turn allowed me to find even more affordable insurance for my clients, especially in the homeowner’s market. As everyone knows in Southeastern North Carolina finding homeowners, wind & hail and flood insurance is challenging to say the least and it is my mission to make sure that my homeowners have RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE insurance to protect them in the event of a claim. But, the really exciting part of becoming part of LAI was access to the incredible slate of annuities and life insurance products available to my clients. People are blown away at the return that our annuities are offering compared to their CD’s and the advantages they offer in planning for their retirement."

If you are interested in an evaluation of your current homeowner’s, renter’s, auto or commercial business
policy or just need advice concerning annuities give Scott a call at (910) 368-9523 or at www.laiinsurance.com.

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