Recycle Those Halloween Costumes at the NC Aquarium at Ft Fisher

Costumes and candy make for a sweet Halloween. Afterward, however, the clutter and litter haunt closets and landfills for years.
Wrap up this spooky season with the help of the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Pass along the fun of a special outfit, remove unwanted items from your home and recycle. Donate gently-used costumes and empty candy wrappers to the Aquarium as part of our Green Halloween initiative.
The Aquarium will collect those ninja suits, princess dresses and all other spooky get-ups Nov. 1-30. Next fall, families can select new costumes from the donated items as part of a free costume exchange.
This initiative continues the Aquarium's work with Green Halloween, a community initiative focused on creating child- and Earth-friendly holiday traditions.
Another Halloween tradition, candy consumption, produces a scary amount of waste, with the potential to litter our waterways and oceans. Instead of trashing the empty wrappers, save them and drop them off at the Aquarium.
The Aquarium collects empty wrappers throughout the year and sends them to a recycling partner, TerraCycle, as part of our focus on conservation. TerraCycle creates recycling systems for hard-to-recycle waste, turning trash to treasure in the form of new products like park benches and backpacks. This partnership raises money for conservation efforts at the Aquarium.

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