Pleasure Island Fresh Market - The Place to Get Local Produce

Each week through December 3rd, the Pleasure Island Fresh Market is open from 8am - 1 pm at the Carolina Beach Marina.

The benefits of purchasing fresh local produce are numerous. Not only are they better for you, they leave money in the local economy and are better for the environment. By keeping big trucks off the highways less gas is used and emissions are reduced.

The best place to get local produce is at the Pleasure Island Fresh Market. With multiple vegetable vendors, you will be sure to find the freshest available produce around. The wide variety and selection of in season fruits and veggies will expand your menu selections. Be sure to ask about different recipes and ways to prepare the items you are buying. You just might discover a new favorite meal.

The market is easily accessible and offers plenty of parking for your car, bike or boat. The public marina offers free boat parking for all of you who decide to come by water as well as plenty of street parking for cars and bikes.

You can find a vendor list and map at www.pleasureislandfreshmarket.com, follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/PIFreshMarket, and check us out on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PINCmarket. For more information, contact the Fresh Market at 910.313.6005 or pleasureislandfreshmarket@gmail.com

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