Spotlight on Business: TipTop Frame

TipTop Frame is a custom picture framing business located at the Federal Point Plaza just down from the Primrose Cottage. I (Skip Sprague) have been framing peoples cherished pieces for over 20 years and plan on another 20 to come!

I am experienced in most all aspects of conservation and handling of artworks, with a very good eye for color. I do framing from jigsaw puzzles to the most prized finger painting of your child's to the very collectible memorabilia. Shadow-boxes to stretching to needlework and drymounting. I cut glass for frames, replace broken glass, change out the mats on existing pieces. I am now creating budget conscious readymades from stock mats and moldings just for the artists.

TipTop frames is looking to become a trusted member of the community of Carolina Beach in which I can use my talents and business to also do my part in supporting our lifestyles in such a wonderful area.

Hours: 10:30-6:30 tues-fri, sat 10:30-2:30 910-707-1230
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