Mayor’s Update - Various Carolina Beach Activities

Cape Fear Utilities Improvements

Due to weather and complications from hidden conditions, completion of this project is expected to take a few weeks longer than anticipated, with final work schedule to be complete prior to Easter weekend. In the meantime staff is working to maintain “open for business” signage and keep walkways open to help inform the public that businesses are open and accessible.

Gazebo Improvements

The contract has been let for the Gazebo improvements and work has already begun. We anticipate completion in late April.

Boardwalk Improvements

On February 27th we received unofficial approval from the Coastal Resource Commission (CRC) to allow improvements to the existing portion of the Boardwalk. On March 24th we received the official approval order. Approval of the “extension” portion of the project remains pending, but staff is working toward a decision from CRC this month assuming all submittal timelines can be met. A Project Manager has been selected to coordinate the project work and staff is currently in the final stages of preparing the bid package. We anticipate project commencement shortly after Labor Day, with project completion well before the following summer season.

Hatteras Ramp

The Hatteras ramp is currently under construction at an off-site location and is scheduled for installation starting on April 7th and finishing on April 16th. Freeman Park will be closed to vehicles during this period.

The bad news: There will continue to be some inconvenience caused by these projects. We realize this creates a hardship for some, but ask that you be patient and understand that most of the timelines for these projects are dictated by state agencies or other governmental approval processes. Your Town Council and Town Staff have not delayed the start of any projects, and in fact, have worked hard to maintain the most accelerated schedules good planning allows.

The good news: Prior to Easter Weekend Cape Fear Boulevard will be re-opened and the Hatteras ramp will be completed. By the end of April the Gazebo improvements will also be complete, as will all of the seasonal painting, landscaping, and cleaning work in the CBD/Boardwalk area. So, by Easter weekend we will be ready and open for another great summer season!

Dan Wilcox, Mayor of Carolina Beach

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