Mayor’s Update - Various Kure Beach Activities

New sidewalk on K Avenue

The installation of a sidewalk by DOT on the north side of K Avenue from 7th to 4th Avenues is on schedule.
The sidewalk will connect Town Hall to the beach.
Work began March 14th and is expected to be completed by May 22nd.
This is part of the Town’s Land Use Plan to make the Town more pedestrian friendly.

Utility burial in business district

The Town has completed putting utilities underground in the business district.
As part of the project the following were also installed:
 decorative street lamps
 landscaping
 new sidewalks with brick inlays
K Avenue was repaved
The removal of the wires has made the ocean view even more stunning and open.

Repaving of Fort Fisher Boulevard

DOT has us on their schedule for repaving Highway 421 from Alabama to Fort Fisher in 2015.
I am working to try to speed that time line up.

Room Occupancy Tax (ROT)

Carolina, Kure and Wrightsville Beach Mayors and Council members are working to gain control over 1 ½ % of the ROT that goes to the Tourism Development Authority (TDA) to spend on marketing.
The Towns want the option to use some of those funds for beach nourishment, if needed. I hope to have this resolved shortly.

Dean Lambeth, Mayor of Kure Beach

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