Spotlight on Business: Two Chins Productions

Two Chins Productions is a fully insured, full-service, award-winning video production company specializing in creative visual storytelling. Our projects range in size and scope, from thirty second commercials to full-length documentary films and everything in between.

Throughout our over 20 years of combined experience producing video and images in the Eastern Carolina market, we have helped hundreds of companies promote their businesses through commercials, webmercials and long-form vignettes. Our fundraising video and design projects with local and international non-profit organizations have brought stories of courage, sacrifice and goodwill to audiences around the world, raising both awareness and much-needed funding. Individual stories intrigue us and have led us to produce highlight videos and full-length documentary films featuring individual achievements, love stories, and family histories.

Storytelling is the foundation of all that we do, and it is what drives us to create high-quality visual products that bring the essence of each and every one of our clients to the screen. Each project is unique and so is our approach. We are a highly creative team that can adapt to create engaging, appealing videos that suit the needs of each of our clients individually. We understand marketing, social media, event presentations, advertising on television vs. advertising on the web…we get it. Let us help you make the most of it.

We want the experience to be enjoyable for you – even a little fun – so we take care of everything. We translate your notes into a cohesive script, draw up storyboards, make a plan and carry it out with expert precision. We can also help you with portrait & product photography, copywriting, web banners and graphic design.

For more information: www.TwoChinsProductions.com

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