Shop Local - It’s Easy to Find Great Holiday Gifts on Pleasure Island!

There’s a special feeling many folks get when they cross the Snow’s Cut Bridge and head towards the quaint island communities of Carolina and Kure beaches. Of course it is directly related to the coastal vibe and instant tranquility that being minutes from the ocean provides. Prior to settling in, plenty of residents and visitors make an extra effort to “have everything they need” with a goal of leaving the island as little possible-and who can blame them?

As the holiday season quickly nears, there’s no need to waste time, energy and gas, endlessly searching for holiday must-haves for your friends, family and home decorating needs because it’s all right here! This year, we encourage you to shop local and discover the amazing variety of unique finds offered by the island’s charming shops and boutiques.

Carolina Beach Surf Shop - Even if you don’t have a surfer on your list, you’ll want to stop by this Carolina Beach mainstay. Located at 209 S. Lake Park Blvd.- here you’ll find an extensive selection of clothing and footwear for the entire family. In addition to surfboards and stand-up paddleboards, the shop also has plenty of awesome stocking stuffers like hand-made jewelry, cool socks, watches, and sunglasses. How about a gift card for surf or SUP lessons?

The Veggie Wagon - Often described as one of Pleasure Island’s "best-kept secrets," this adorable little grocery store at 608 S. Lake Park Blvd. has gained quite a reputation along with a huge following! From organic coffees and teas to a mouth-watering assortment of prepared foods, organic produce, grocery items, vegan products, craft beers and wine, chances are, you’ll find it at the Veggie Wagon! A gift card or basket filled with homemade goodies would be a definite hit! It’s also a nice place to grab a bite to eat between stops.

Shoppes at Squigley’s - If you have never been "Squiggled," there’s still time, just stop by 208 S. Lake Park Blvd. First-time visitors to this delightful ice cream shop, which is housed in a 2-story 1930s beach cottage, marvel at the possibilities. Thanks to their “squiggle” system that combines flavors and toppings, they offer over 4,000 flavors of homemade ice cream and speciality desserts such as sundaes, smoothies and the biggest banana split you’ve ever seen! After you’ve been squiggled, it will be easy to make progress on your holiday shopping list when you visit the eclectic mix of shops that’s on the second floor. Here, you can find accessories, jewelry, cards, local art, and interesting items for the house and garden.

The Checkered Church Gift Shop - Passers-by to 800 St. Joseph Street can’t help but smile when they see this colorful, beachy business. However, the bigger smiles happen when they walk in and see the eye-popping selection of merchandise! Since the shop has choices for guys, girls, kids and furry family members, finding the perfect gifts here is a snap. It’s also easy to stay on your
budget because featured items include practical must-haves such as candles, stationery, notecards and accessories. This time of year, don’t miss the Christmas Corner that’s full of holiday décor!

The Unique Boutique of Carolina Beach - Think being stylish is an unaffordable prospect? Then it’s high time you stopped by the colorful little cottage at 100 River Court! The boutique features one of a kind clothing at wholesale prices and below, along with purses, designer jewelry, boots, cosmetics and legwear. The shop is brimming with everything you’ll need this holiday season, plus tons of great gift ideas for those fashion forward friends and family members.

Sumthin Beachie - You’d be hard-pressed to find more artsy, remarkable, and useful gift ideas than right here at 809 N. Lake Park Blvd. There’s local art work, handmade jewelry, furniture, consigned items, and even fishing gear! Sumthin Beachie is also known for its amazing sales and ever-changing inventory of nautical and natural pieces created from beautiful shells and driftwood. It is easy to be indecisive here due to the eclectic array of choices, which is why gift cards are a great solution!

Touche`-Shopping local is even better when you purchase things made in the U.S.A. The owners of Touche` at 201 N. Lake Park Blvd. agree which is why they choose American apparel manufacturers first! Expect personalized service here, (try getting that at the mall) whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one. Along with the latest in tasteful, wearable fashion, it where to find beautiful ensembles for special events, holiday parties, cruises, family gatherings or just another day at the beach.

Island True Value Tackle and Hardware - One stop here to 801 N. Lake Park Blvd. and it will be "goodbye Big Box hardware store!" In addition to the friendly service and huge inventory of hardware, tools, fishing gear and beach necessities, including Yeti coolers, they have everything you’ll need to "Deck the Halls." It’s also where to have your trophy catch officially weighed, get a fishing license and annual passes to Freeman Park-talk about a nice holiday surprise!

Bame Ace Hardware - Along with hardware, tools, lawn and garden supplies, paint, holiday lights and tree stands, Bame Ace has a few special offerings that are sure to make your holiday shopping easier! As a proud distributor of Yeti products and one of the largest retailers for sunglasses in New Hanover County, this hardware store takes pride in offering practical gifts that will be used and appreciated for years to come! Stop by 1021 N. Lake Park Blvd. and discover why Ace is the place!

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