Call For Artists

Kure Beach, NC – Every Year about this time, we begin the process of finding our Artist that has the vision to convey  B L U E S  &  J A Z Z, in an outstanding artistic form.  We hold a Poster Design Contest to allow the artist within to express the Seafood Blues & Jazz feel, the BUZZ, the modaz.

Do you have an idea that you need to get down on paper?  Is there a creative doodle that just will not leave your mind?  Take a few minutes and review the Entry Form and requirements, and sign up.  Come October, your creation could adorn the popular event t-shirts as well as the Commemorative Posters that have become a highly collectable.  You will get a Cash stipend as well as a complimentary Booth in the Arts & Wine Garden and the honor (and bragging rights) of being THE ARTIST of the 2014 Seafood Blues & Jazz Festival!

Past winners include great talents such as Barton Hatcher, Ivey Hayes, Robert Knowles and Kelly Hawes.  Add yourself to this list and soon your art will adorn many backs and living rooms.   Deadline is September 8, 2014.

For more information please call the Chamber at 910-458-8434 or email at greg@pleasureislandnc.org.

Artist Application

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