Mayor's Update - Kure Beach, NC

Sidewalk on K Avenue

The installation of the sidewalk on K Avenue is complete and looks great. With the improvements in the business district of new lighting and buried utilities, Kure Beach is all dressed up and ready for the summer!
We are expecting a busy summer and as always, parking will be at a premium. We ask that everyone be courteous and park where it is clearly marked and not where driveways will be blocked or on residents’ property.

Ocean Front Park summer programs

The Boogie in the Park Sunday concert series began on May 18th and was a great success. Remember the time has changed from 4 – 7 pm to 5 – 8 pm and there is a live band every Sunday.
The first Friday Variety event kicked off May 30th with the 17 piece Wilmington Big Band. Different events will be held every other Friday throughout the summer to offset the Town sponsored Chamber concert series at FF AFB.

The Tuesday Open Market begins June 10th from 8 am to 1 pm, the Monday evening Turtle Talks start June 9th at 7 pm and the Story Time by the Sea with the Princess will be on Wednesday mornings this summer beginning June 11th at 10 am.

Town Hall Day

Three commissioners will be attending this year’s Town Hall Day in Raleigh in June. This is a time for elected officials to meet with our representatives in Raleigh on all subjects of concern.

Additional parking

A private/public venture between the Town and local businesses has resulted in the lease of five lots on FFB that will be used for public parking. Ingress/egress will be on Third Avenue. The area is being prepared now and should add an additional 50+ parking spaces. The area is located next to the Sunoco station.

Dean Lambeth, Mayor of Kure Beach

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