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Dr. Ann Hinson Nivens
I'm so excited to be a new resident and business owner of Carolina Beach!! My name is Dr. Ann Hinson Nivens and I'm the co-owner of Hinson Business Consultants, LLP. My partner, Beth Hinson Phillips and I provide professional business services in two important areas: Sales and Communication Trainings and Business Expense Reductions and Savings.

Our consulting firm is affiliated with Stryde Savings out of Fenton, MI. We offer SAVINGS SOLUTIONS FOR VIRTUALLY EVERY INDUSTRY.

With Stryde, we have helped thousands of companies reduce expenses and obtain federal tax incentives that would otherwise go uncaptured.

Contact Hinson Business Consultants to Learn How Your Company Can Save Money On:

Credit Card Processing Fees
Parcel Shipping
Beth Hinson Phillips
Property Taxes
Workers Comp Insurance
Waste & Recycling

And receive tax refunds through:

Employer Payroll Tax Incentive
Property Owner Tax Incentives

We focus on saving you money so you can focus on growing your company. And we don't charge you a dime until the savings are in your pocket!

We are ready to meet with you in person for a free 15 minute conultation and analysis of your savings.

Contact: 704-962-8684 (Ann) or 803-485-5040 (Beth)

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